A3 Colour MFP's

These brand new A3 colour multifunctional models have been designed to provide premium efficiency and productivity to all types of businesses. Providing fast print, copy and scan speeds, a vast array of finishing options and unsurpassed mobile and direct print functionalities.

Olivetti MF2553 - MF3253

The d-Color MF2553 and d-Color MF3253 A3 format colour multifunctional systems are designed to enhance the process and control of document flows with maximum reliability.
These models are delivered with intuitive, easy to use functions for processing and sharing documents and deliver colour prints of exceptional quality.

Olivetti MF223 - MF283

The new d-Color MF223 and d-Color MF283 multifunction Systems are perfect for anyone looking for quality technology at an affordable price.
Reliable and simple to use, they satisfy the demands of the modern office with excellent paper capacity (up to 3,600 sheets with optional trays) and modular flexibility for the most demanding of needs.

Olivetti MF254 - MF364

Designed to deliver the highest standard of print quality both in mono and colour, even under heavy volume conditions, the new d-Color MF304 and d-Color MF364 A3 colour multifunctional systems are ready to be put to the test.
Customer research has shown these models provide superior performance and quality while being very simple to use, which is the result of a new user interface and the ability to connect to mobile devices and Cloud Platforms.

Olivetti MF454 - MF654

The A3 colour Multifunctional systems the Olivetti d-Color MF454, d-Color MF554 and d-Color MF654 provide advanced functionalities for improving day-to-day productivity while delivering exceptional print quality and finishing capabilities. 
The advanced features of these multifunctional systems are complemented by their extreme ease of use, a 10.1" operator touch-screen and many opportunities for mobile device and cloud printing. An extensive selection of options is available for maximising paper handling techniques and providing a wealth of flexible configurations to satisfy the most demanding users.

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