Olivetti MF552Plus Colour Copier

With the introduction of the new “d-Color A3 Range”, Olivetti has provided a complete line of products based on a shared philosophy and functionality. The models comprise the d-Color MF222PLUS, d-Color MF282PLUS, d-Color MF362PLUS d-Color MF452PLUS and d-Color MF552PLUS deliver high quality prints at 22ppm, 28ppm, 36ppm, 45ppm and 55 ppm, respectively, whether in colour or mono. With 600 x 1,800 dpi ConTone quality for printing DTP documents and 1,200 x 1,200 dpi quality for printing fi ne line detail, maps, drawings and small fonts. Using the advanced functionality of the new range is easy.

The innovative 9-inch Capacitive Colour Multi-touch Display adopts “Flick, Drag, Zoom and Rotate” technology, similar to the operation on today’s smartphones and Tablet PCs. The menu screen provides direct access to Scan, Fax (option), Box (archive), Copy and even your corporate Intranet (via the web Licence Option). In effect, this panel becomes the access point for the functions of the machine guiding the user in the generation, sharing and archiving of the company’s document flow. The menu can be customised to make processes more automatic; short cuts to functions can be created using a selected key or actions can be condensed into a single keystroke by saving macros.

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